About the Challenge | Big Data Challenge

About the Challenge

The Big Data Challenge provides UNT students the opportunity to dive into real-world Big Data from global companies to derive actionable insights to real business problems.

What data do you get to work with?

This year, 2 leading technology companies in the $8 trillion travel industry--Sabre and DHISCO--will provide data to student teams to derive solutions to challenges such as...

  • How hotels can optimize deals to increase revenue
  • Identifying pricing strategies based on time-of-day and seasonality patterns in online shopping behavior
  • Predict travel bookings based on geographic data
  • Determine whether hotel booking forecasts can be improved using airline reservation data

What do you do as a participant?

Participants in the Big Data Challenge will:

  • Gain experience with real data sets and business problems
  • Interpret data as a means to further course topics
  • Develop a case study portfolio to enhance their resume
  • Challenge their analytical skills
  • Present to business executives, including CEOs, CFOs, and CTOs
  • Have fun and win real money
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